WordPress Hell – Scottish Landscapes

Ok, call me thick but I just cannot get my head around this WordPress blogging. Those of you who follow my art and ramblings will know that the blog has been all ove rthe place. Please accept my apologies ….but I just can’t seem to get it right!

Scottish-Landscape-paintingAnyway, technicalities aside and I am back painting allsorts at the moment.

I have had this landscape on the go for nearly a year, just playing with it now and again inbetween other pieces of artwork. It is in oil and is sightly unusual for me. It is based on the view from a friends cottage in the country.

I am glad that I managed to finish it in time for my first ever painting demo on Saturday 25th at Glasgow’s Park Gallery when I will be painting a landscape. When I say painting, I will be beginning to paint as where it will go on the day I have no idea.

That’s the way I like it though.

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