Watching Other Artists At Work

20102009195I dropped by ArtDeCaf in Glasgow yesterday for a Pear Cider which I am starting to get quite into. I thenk because the glass is filled with ice it lasts so much longer and keeps drunkenness at bay.

The first lady of art in Glasgow was doing a painting demonstration. Alexandra Gardner was busy painting a rather large landscape. Sandyhas taught in various schools including Glasgow School of Art. She tells it like it is and is known for not mincing her words. I dared to ask her for a crit of one of my paintings which was hanging on a wall nearby. Very interesting it was too. Lots of helpful suggestions but the best bit was when she compared my painting to a Leonardo Da Vinci……one with nothing happening at the focal point! Wrapped knuckled for me then.

Other than that it’s been a weekend when I have a dreaded 18 monthly event. Yes, time for mobile phone renewal. I was definately a bit of a tech geek in my younger years and I was up to date with most things but I have to admit to being left behind in more recent years. I am now the owner of a Nokia 5800 which is one of these touch screen jobs. I swear that it must have been designed for people with nails filed to that of a pen nib. If you phone me and I teke a while to answer you’ll know why. I give it a week and I will be swapping the sim card back into my trusty old N95.

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