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Clay Art

Thursday, July 30th, 2009
Egg Art

I have always had an interest in all things sculptural but never taken anything beyond dabbling.

In the late 80’s I sculpted some items in plasteline, a French wax for a company my brother had at the time which made miniatures of almost everything. It was amazing to work in. Other than that there was the odd thing at college. Our lecturer was none other than Scottish painter George Devlin but he was quite greedy with the potters wheel in his studio and students rarely got near it!  I certainly never.

Anyway, this week I have been semi-house bound and not able to make it to the studio much but this has been a great opportunity for my daughter to introduce me to the wonders of polymer clay. I thought this stuff was just for kids but it is utterly amazing. I have since discovered several incredible artists online making outstanding objects from this material which was first developed in the 1930’s (this was news to me).

So, proudly displayed is my first ever attempt at polymer clay work.

I can see me painting less if this gets a grip….

Polymer Egg Art