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Parade Artists, the long weekend

Sunday, November 29th, 2009

Just to show how serious it can get at the Parade Artists exhibition, pictured is Scotlands 12th most elligible batchelor Frank To and the ever professional photographer, Ian Marshall. This was before the exhibition opened- I believe Ian is practicing facial excercises for the over 45s.Frank To Artist Ian Marshall photographer

So, big thanks to all of you who came along to the Parade Artists’ first weekend in Glasgow. Saturday seemed really busy and a bit of a whirlwind. Today was a gentler pace and it was lovely to be able to spend time chatting with some of you about the new art and life in general.

With the pace picking up a bit for me it is beginning to look like this may be the last event such as this that I am able to do, which is sad but a necessity I am afraid as the planning is quite mammoth. Also, there was an event today which i found so distasteful that I think will make not taking part in future events easier for me. Overnight, the art is locked in an area which only artists have access to. Today, it became apparent that a piece of artwork had been stolen.

The artist who’s work it was was understandably upset but this also affected the rest of us who thought we were running a mutually supportive collective. People can be low.  This affected the day for me and changed me in ways which looking back I am quite shocked at. Funny as it is now to look back at it , may I apologise to the parents of the young children who were playing with the baloons used to attract attention to the entrance area…..I would not normally take balloons from 3 year olds but as the title says, it’s been a long weekend!

Art Life

Tuesday, October 20th, 2009

Apologies. It’s over 2 weeks since I have posted a blog. One of those times when after the WASPS Open Studios there seems to have been lots going on when I expected some calm.Teresa-Flavin's-Studio

THere have been various after event chats and the Parade Artist’s group is also gearing up for the next exhibitions in November and December. It was during one of these chats in illustrator Teresa Flavin’s studio I snapped this pic. Teresa’s glass vases, a pretty dynamic daytime sky and some lovely Glasgow tower blocks. When will they pull these things down?

If you have read elsewhere in my blog you will know that I am a big fan of fellow painter, Joe O’Brien. Joe has his first solo show coming up shortly and when he had to get some paintings sent by a courier it was all hands on deck to keep the grumpy courier happy. Frank-To-Joe-Obrien-by-Joe-

I did assist, honest, but just had to stop to snap Joe and Wasps artist Frank To getting to grips with the bubble wrap. Frank seems to think I am trying to mention him as much as I can in my blog just to improve my Google ranking as he is such a media darling. I would never do such a thing Frank To.

Elswhere, I have had a go at “Shamanic Reiki”. Possibly one of the more interesting experiences of my life to date but I am not going to go into it here for fear of it coming across all wrong and that would never do!

On the painting side, thanks for the emails asking where the new art is. I amMona-Lisa-2 painting. I have been working on several commissioned pieces of art and in between working on some new artwork which is just taking it’s own path really.

More new paintings soon.

Thank You

Sunday, October 4th, 2009

It’s 10.55 pm and this slightly exhausted artist just wanted to log in and say a huge “Thank You” to everyone who turned up at the WASPS Open Studios Event this weekend. Thanks also to all of you who emailed with messages of support, it really was appreciated.

A huge amount of planning goes into making this event enjoyable for visitors and I would also like to thank the WASPS staf at Hanson Street, Frank To for the after event “bar” in his studio each night and a very special shout out to the wonderful Gillian Orr who really should have stopped what she was doing and go and sort her own studio rather than worry about everyone else.

It’s Gillian time……