Painting Demonstration

Yesterday I gave my first ever painting demonstration at the Park Gallery in Glasgow.Artist-Painting

I was not too sure what to expect and had chatted to a few other artist’s before hand. Some told me that they had done it and it was a great experience, others said they had done this type of painting demo and would never do it again and another said that they just wouldn’t do it!

This left me feeling a tad nervous. Add to that, I had to wear my glasses because my eyesight is starting to go (buy your Joe Hendry’s now before he can’t see anymore!) and that I was dressed in my trampy painting gear and I headed for the Park Gallery with a “whatever will be will be attitude”.

I have to say, it was a fantastic experience and I am very glad that I agreed to do it. You can read all about it in the Park Gallery Painting Demo page at

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