Martin Elliot Tennis Girl Photographer & Nice Guy

A few weeks ago I received an email from Martin Elliot, Tennis Girl Elliot Joe Hendry the photographer of “Tennis Girl”. It simply said “My compliments”. I easily get star struck and this poster is legendary for me. I remember it always being in the poster browser in John Menzies for what seemed like most of the seventies when I was a kid.

I wrote back to Martin who asked for a copy of my Andy Murray bum painting which seemed to appear everywhere during the summer of 2009. Martin replied “I would like it for my scrapbook – I’ll fit you in between the Ricky Gervais and Frank Skinner versions!”

So, off my print went and today I received a signed print back from Martin. What a guy, I am so chuffed.andy-murray-tennis-art2 All this came about during working on paintings for my ArtDeCaf(now Braewell Galleries) solo show last June. The painting had been very serious an in a minute of lightheartedness “New Balls Please” was born.

Anyway, it’s on with the more serious painting in the studio at the moment but I won’t forget my homage to Andy Murray or the smile it seems to have brought to so many peoples faces. Just as Martin’s print has brought to mine.

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  1. Mike Boots Says:

    I was a childhood friend of Martin’s.

    I was scanning some old photos of Martin Elliot onto my computer and thought I’d eMail them to him but having lost all of my numbers a while ago, I Google’d him, only to read the sad news. I’d like to ask Noelle if she’d like them but I have no eMail address for her.

    Hope you might be able to help



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