Funny Artists

It can be a funny old place the WASPS Artists studios Artists-Glasgow, if you have read elsewhere on my website you will know that when I first started painting from there I described it as being like the empty hotel in the movie “The Shining”.

Over the past while though, things seem to have become a shade more sociable and we are even having an artists get together for Christmas. Wether or not anyone actually turns up is another matter.

Artist and ace signwriter Gillian Orr’s sign was rather humorously defaced today. The sign should read  “Bring some booze, yer guitar or sax (Jeff). Jeff McDonald is an artist and sax player, not known for his “sexiness” so Friday should be even more interesting.

I like it when there is a bit of light-heartedness around the studios and this sign is beaten only by the one on the loo door after it was marked as out of order which read “Toilet blocked… more veg”

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