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Sunday, January 17th, 2010

It’s quite an exciting time at the moment  Large scale painting artworkin the studio. I have multiple paintings on the go, which is definately the way that I like to work best. In amongst some painting commissions (thank you! it keeps me going), I am working on paintings for upcoming events for Braewell Galleries as well as just for the hell of it.

THe pic sows me dwarfed by the latest in my kilt art series and this is by far and away the largest artwork which I have ever worked on. The canvas measures 5 x 3 feet and it has been an odd experience as you completely lose a sense of scale and perspective This could, therefore end up with outsized hands and feet etc so as I say, it could be interesting.

At the WASPS studios in Hanson Street there has been a lot of activity as several artists have decided to move to the new studios at the Briggait, which has just recently opened. I have deliberately not had a look at the place as I want minimum distraction over the next while and the thought of moving would be just that. Good luck to the artists who are moving there though, it is a stunning building and was a favourite haunt of mine when it was open in the 80s.

A Picture Paints A Thousand Words…

Monday, January 11th, 2010

Braewell Galleries News – Please be aware that I no longer have anything to do with Braewell Galleries.

John Knox Glasgow

…and other such cliches but it’s true.

The above photo was taken from my livingroom window. It was so dramatic after nearly 3 weeks of snow lying that it just had to be taken. The statue is of John Knox, leader of the Protestant reformation in Scotland. During the summer and autum it’s impossible to see the statue for the leaves on the trees so he only “visits” in winter.

Taking on board the importance of pictures painting a thousand words, the website has been a constant source of frustration to me. It is fantastic that when art lovers see my work in the flesh, they comment on how much better it looks but this is not good when I realise just how difficult it is convey the truth of a piece of artwork and it’s detail.

So, yet again, I am working on a website revamp. This was brought home when I had a new piece of work listed at the Braewell, Kalyani gallery and when compared to how it views on the difference was profound.

January Art Sale

Tuesday, January 5th, 2010

Goddes-Paintings-NewJanuary Sale time!

I try my best to offer special offers for subscribers to my website. It’s by way of a thank you really as the support of people who buy the art is what allows me to get up every day and go to a studio to paint.

After sweating over what price to peg things at, the email is finally going out. This may be the last year that I do this, we will see but if that’s the case I am sure I will come up with some other “perks” for subscribers.

Elsewhere, painting is in full throttle at the moment and I am working on finishing new work for the next McTears Art Auction, new events at Braewell galleries and also feeding the Park Gallery and others with new work.  The piece above (also shown in an earlier stagem below) is progressing well and will hoepfully be completed soon.

I have been investigating Tarot Card design as this is where the Goddess themed artwork has led me and it is a much deeper and more complex subject than I would ever have imagined.

Ace of Cups anyone?

Glasgow Art Again

Sunday, January 3rd, 2010

Galsgow Artist- Dali, Rembrant, Van Gogh

Today was one of those days when I managed to get up David Evans Painting Glasgow Art Gallery2and out at a reasonable hour, which for me is quite a feat.

My main reason for going was to have another look at :North Corridor” painted by artist David Evans in 1979. I adore this painting as the way he has captured the effect of the light is genius. My snapshot doesn’t do it justice but you would swear there is a light behind the canvas illuminating it.

The Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum is Glasgow’s number one attraction and I have visited there since I was a kid. Seeing it through adult eyes though, it takes me aback more and more every time I visit.

Since the galleries were refurbished, Salvador Dali’s “Christ Of St John Of The Cross” is back where he belongs Christ Of St John Dali Paintingat the end of a corridor. This is where he used to be many years ago and the perspective leading up to the painting just adds to the drama. In fact, if you approach from the other way, you really do owe it to yourself to walk around the long way and approach the painting “correctly”! This painting is just incredible and I always think that it looks so current because of the geometry and perspecrtive in the painting itself.  I also love watching the reaction of other people viewing it, possibly for the first time.

The building itself is a stunning piece of architecture. There are many stories about the architect builing it the wrong way around but I believe these are urban lagend. After soaking up the atmosphere  i promisedGlasgow Art Gallery myself that I would go back again this year on my own in order that I can spend longer and not bore those I am with by staring at the one painting for too long.

So, to do my Glasgow Tourist Board impression, if you are visiting the city and would like to see original Van Gogh, Dali, Rembrant, The Glasgow Boys and many others in one stunning building then you just have to visit.

After visiting it makes me want to rush back to the studio and paint but that will have to wait until tomorrow.

On the way out I even managed to resist the temptation to visit the “Dr Who” exhibition…..

First Foot

Friday, January 1st, 2010

Sexy Leg ArtistSo, Happy New Year to you.  Traditionally, the first person through your door should be “tall, dark and handsome” and carrying a lump of coal. I had a 5 foot 2 blonde girl but as she was carrying a bottle of champagne instead of the traditional coal I let her in anyway.

Today is a big holiday in Scotland but I have so much going on at the moment that I just had to go up to the studio to paint. I am working on nine new canvases at the moment. It’s a real mix of older style Joe Hendry art and some new paintings which I am quite excited about.

It seems that i was not the only one who couldn’t keep away from the lure of the canvas.  I bumped into artists Joe O’Brien and Stuart Gibbs. They were telling me that last night at the bells, they went onto the roof of the studios where there is a great view of the city and the fireworks which were being set off from George Square in Glasgow City Centre to herald in the New Year.  They noticed, as I had, from my vantage point at the time that they were completely invisible. At least they sounded impressive!

The Party’s Over…

Thursday, December 31st, 2009

Glasgow Art

Artistic New Year

Well. it’s Hogmany and not only another year, but the first decade of the millenium over already. Can it really be ten years ago that we were all worrying about the millenium bug, planes falling out of the sky and partying like it was 1999?

This decade, for me was marked by massive change. If anyone had told me ten years ago where I would be in 2009 I would not have believed them. Whatever the noughties held for you may  you have a fantastic twenty ten.

Through the holiday’s I have painted in the studio whenever I have been able to. It has been strange entering the building and a customer who visited commented on the eerie feel. Cafe Sejuiced is closed (see pic above). and there is a real “end of the year feel”.

Personally, I am enthusiastic about the New Year and have some really exciting things lined up including work with Braewell Galleries and I will be continuing to exhibit at Park Gallery amongst others: watch this space.

So, Happy New Year from this artist to you and yours.

Female Art Audience

Sunday, December 6th, 2009
New Female Painting

New Female Painting

Today was the second last day of the Parade Artist’s weekend at the Wasps Artists Studios in Glasgow.

These events are marketed by the artists involved and it can be a bit of an uphill struggle as the marketing budget consists mainly of enthusiasm rather than hard cash.

The first weekend of the event was well attended but today it seemed that the bite of recession was more evident. This is also apparently THE shopping weekend before Christmas so perhaps that’s the reason why people were elsewhere.

Not being one to sit and stare into space, I just had to get my easel down and start some new work. It’s amazing how you can lose yourself and I completely forgot that I was in the middle of a public area. Comments from other artists included several “I don’t know how you can do that with everyone watching” to the usual “can you guess what it is yet?”.

This reminded me of my first painting demonstration at Park Gallery earlier this year which was quite an experience. The paint was sliding off the canvas ….because of the heat. Hard to imagine now in the nippy Glasgow air.