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Commercial Art and The Art Wall

Monday, August 31st, 2009

Art-on-the-internetIt’s been another funny few days. Yesterday I had an interesting time browsing around the Homes & Interiors exhibition. There was a lot more artwork there this year than last which made it a bit more interesting for me. As a former Interior Designer, people think that I am really into this kind of thing but to be honest, it does nothing for me, so I spent most of my time there looking at the paintings.

I had an interesting discussion with a very pleasant and experienced art gallery owner who told me that I had to decide if I was a “commercial artist” or a “fine artist”.  This has haunted me since the discussion as I hate the term “commercial artist” . The gallery owner told me that they were interested in a piece of my artwork which they saw in a competitors gallery and yet, they only exhibit fine art. Well at least I have some pieces which crosss over.

I have uploaded an “art wall” where i hav about 80% of my paintings from the last few years in one place. An attempt to bring something new to the website and for me, a really interesting experience to see all this work in one place.

Talented Truck Drivers

Saturday, August 29th, 2009

Scottish-Landscape-ArtistsIn previous years, I travelled around Scotland a lot more than I have been able to more recently. This has meant that much of my painting has been based locally. I have commented that I look forward to travelling more.

Last week, I had a visit from a friend, Ed, who is a lorry driver. Ed had told me earlier in the year that he is interested in photography. He showed me some of his photos which he had taken with his mobile phone when he is out driving, sometimes very early in the morning as the sun is rising. Some of the shots were fantastic.

I did not hesitate in asking for permission to use them as source material for some painting. Above is my first “Ed Landscape” based on a photograph of some early morning “Scotch Mist” over a valley to the west of Glasgow.

More Ed’s soon!

Positive Paintings

Friday, August 28th, 2009

If you asked me years ago, I would possibly have described myself as a “glass is half empty” type of person. I see myself differently these days and I think that life experience turns many of us into “glass is half full” people.

This has been a week when I have been exposed to some really fantastic, positive people. It is great for me to be exposed to people whose enthusiasm is infectious and makes you look at yourself and appreciate things more.

Talking of appreciation, today I saw some fantastic artwork which always gives me a boost. I was delivering my art to the Ealain Gallery at the Homes & Interiors exhibition which takes place this weekend. I got “roped in” to helping hang the art and it was great fun. It took me back to my interior design days and the gallery owner even listened to me. I didn’t want to push my work forward for the best positions but I ended up fairly much centre piece on one wall so I had to compromise and have another piece on a small easel on the floor.

A quick look around the other galleries hanging work and I have to say, it looks much more exciting than last year. More art and there is even a special gallery display with all the various gallery artist’s mixed in which looks fantastic.

If you see me milling about on Saturday afternoon do say “hello”.

Mixing Celebrity & Landscape Art

Sunday, August 23rd, 2009

Michael Jackson ArtAfter my enforced painting “break” I seem to be back in full swing, which feels good.

It’s a real mixed bag though as I am working on figurative paintings, landscapes (and plenty of them!) as well  as a celebrity painting, see the sneak preview of the Michael Jackson art to the right.

I still wonder as an artist if this is an acceptable way to work. Therther artist’s studios which I pass and all the work seems to be of the same ilk. THis makes me wonder if I should be doing the same thing and hava consistency of style and subject.

Then I think, “nah!”

What, No Art?

Thursday, August 20th, 2009

This could possibly be the first time I have posted a blog without an image but….I have nothing to post!

Thanks to those of you who have emailed to ask if I am on holiday, ill or dead! Either people really care or they just want to know if the value of their Joe Hendry paintings have suddenly rocketed.

Well, thanks for the concern, it really does mean a lot. The honest answer is that I have had a touch of “painters block”. This has happened before and more experienced artists than me have advised that it always goes away and a return to form just “happens”. I am pretty ssure that this is sound advice as I have been here before.

So, other than finishing  few pieces off for the upcoming Homes and Interiors Exhibition I have been dabbling in a couple of landscapes and a few other bits and pieces but very aware that I have not been uploading new artwork.  Today it felt like I was getting back into the swing so please watch this space…

Even More Landscapes

Tuesday, August 4th, 2009
Landscape Painting in progress

Landscape Painting in progress

I am really getting in to this landscape painting thing again.

It’s strange because landscape painting is what I used to do for relaxation before I took up painting full time.

This new piece is based on a stop I made in the car in the hills just above Loch Lomond.

There is a farmhouse or white washed building of some kind nestled in amongst the hills and I am wondering if it will make the artwork look too “chocolate box”. However, it is there in real life so I guess that’s my answer.
Completed artwork to appear soon.