Joe Hendry

Glasgow based artist, Joe Hendry began his professional life as an interior designer, having studied design in Glasgow for four years in the late eighties. Following a successful career in corporate interiors, Joe decided to concentrate on what he really loved and began painting full time in January 2005. Since 2005, there have been many early successes.

Joe’s work was picked up early by a New York gallery curator and a buyer for Warner Brothers Studios in addition to being featured in the fifth anniversary “Blondie Review”. Joe has also had work published by several UK publishers. 2005 also saw a contract being signed with Chaucer Press and an item of Joe’s work has appeared in the homage to Marilyn by Roger Taylor entitled “Marilyn In Art”. This is an updated release of Roger Taylor’s acclaimed book which was released originally in 1980. In 2007, Mem Mehmet’s compilation, “Diana In Art” was released and includes three Joe Hendry paintings. Joe has exhibited throughout the UK . In 2007, his first show outside the UK is in October, in Chicago as part of the “Germans In Mind” exhibition.

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